Private Equity Real Estate in Memphis | Real Estate Guide

Private Equity Real Estate in Memphis | Real Estate Guide

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Private equity real estate takes a diversified approach to property ownership. In this, the partners invest in different types of properties in various locations. The strategies cover the range of new development and raw holdings, complete redevelopment of existing properties, etc. To invest in equity real estate the investor must keep in mind the industry opportunities, risks, and restrictions.

At first, you have to measure whether you are capable of investing in private equity real estate. Traditionally the investors need to inject around $250,000 into a fund. Your annual income must have a high figure to meet the annual invest and the expenses. You need to understand the nature of each private equity fund’s structure. Private equity real estate funds have a number of structural and performance fees that the investors have to pay.

The private equity real estate funds are considered ‘need-based’ investments. The partners agree with capital to general partners in installments on an as-needed basis. When a limited partner fails to meet a capital call that particular partner is forced into default and forfeit his entire ownership share. In this case, the other limited partners get the opportunity to purchase that particular forfeited share.

The private equity real estate investment is categorized into four types, core, core-plus, value-added, and opportunistic. After doing an extensive research you have to decide which strategy fits your need and ability.

  • The core is the lower-risk and lowers potential return strategy. This strategy focuses on investing in high-quality, high-value properties that require very little redevelopment or maintenance.
  • Core-plus is a bit more risk-taking strategy where the return is higher than the core. These properties need the modest level of value added activity, equity homes for sale.
  • Value added strategy needs moderate risk and the possibility of return is medium-to-high level. Here the properties require changes to management, physical improvement, or the addressing of capital constraints.
  • Opportunistic is the highest level return strategy and the investor needs to take the most risk. The properties that are purchased in this strategy include undeveloped land or markets that are underperforming.

Investing in private equity real estate the investor must be willing to accept that his capital may be tied up for a longer period of time that could last many years. The nature of this kind of investment makes it difficult to evaluate a fund’s financial performance. After discussing with the financial advisor the investor must understand the management strategies of the general partners and the past performances of the other property investments.

In Memphis the international investors are looking to invest in the market here is stable and the return is high. In any kind of market, not just real estate, stability is the hardest thing to find. Traditionally Memphis is a lively city and the Downtown area is in the very early stages of the recovery. The private equity real estate investment started in Memphis in 2004. The local government is assisting in this potential recovery which is a very positive thing to encourage the investors.

If you really are looking into investing in a private equity real estate we can be of your great help. We will assist in all your real estate problems and help you come to a solution.

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